The PMA Difference       

Blessed to Be a Blessing


Our motto is simple and permeates all we do.  We've been given some wonderful gifts: skill and knowledge of music, a knack for teaching others, and a love of people.   It's our privilege then to share that gift with everyone we can.  At PMA, we believe that we're really in the business of spreading joy.  We're just using music as our vehicle!

Online Parent/Student Portal


Every Parent & Student can login in to our online portal giving access to:

  1. Studio News and Events

  2. Billing Info and History

  3. Teaching Calendar

  4. Cancelling and Reschedules

  5. Practice Notes

  6. Online Repertoire

Simple Tuition / No Contracts


We charge a flat monthly tuition price that stays the same throughout the school year.  It includes everything associated with the cost of lessons.  No other charges are fees.


Students can join or stop anytime during the year.

Recreational & Balanced Music 


We believe in a balanced approach to music lessons.  This means combining fun, student-oriented material with systematic and fundamental music training.  Lessons with us are not hard-core, but they are legit

Fun, Easy Recitals


We offer monthly Virtual Recital Opportunities for our students.  They are not required, but we highly encourage students to perform in one as they are ready.  

We hope to resume in-person recitals again in the Spring of 2021

Better Online Lessons


We use an online lesson app specifically designed for music lessons that is much better than Zoom.  It's easy to use with excellent sound quality.  It uses a low-latency codec that allow student and teacher to play music at the same time!  And any music the teacher displays can be instrantly downloaded for the the student to save/print.  

Full Service


You literally do not need to do anything except be there when your instructor shows up to teach.  We bring and provide everything.

  • All books and curriculum (included in your tuition)

  • All supplies (metronomes, tuners, strings etc)

  • Free assitance in purchasing an instrument.

  • Free string changes.

  • Auto Billing

Depth & Experience


Probably the best thing about PMA is your instructor!  But what you don't see is the team backing your instructor up.  Our teachers collaborate with each other - pooling experience and expertise to better tailor each student's learning experience.  Additionally, each instructor is mentored by a master teacher to ensure quality instruction, personal growth, and accountability.  And further, if a student's needs should ever change or a student-teacher relationship not be a good fit, we can easily connect you with another quality teacher.

 Roger & Jenn        
Founder’s Notes 


Providence Music Academy was founded in 2002 by Roger and Jenn Vermeulen. They had a passion to share their love of music with others and started offering in-home private music lesson. What started as a part-time income grew and grew as word spread. Students were telling their friends and family about these fun and encouraging music teachers that came to their home every week to teach piano and guitar. Enthusiasm is contagious, and what began as 8 students has grown to over 170 students solely by word of mouth. As PMA has grown, new teachers have been added that share the vision of the founders: "We're blessed with music so that we can be a blessing to others." Our goal is to be more than just music teachers, but also a positive influence and encouragement in each student's life. Private lessons are now offered for piano, guitar ukulele, voice and audio production.


The vision that drives Providence Music Academy is simple:


Provide fun and meaningful music education in a positive and encouraging environment.


Our Philosophy is guided by several principles:

  • Tailored Instruction: Music lessons should fit the needs and goals of the student not the convenience of the teacher. No set curriculum fits every student. At Providence Music Academy we tailor our methods and approach to help the individual student meet their musical goals balanced with the importance of proper music education.

  • Nurturing Environment: Gone are the days of the grumpy music teacher who yells at you for not practicing. Although practicing is important, we feel that if a love for music is instilled in the student, they will want to practice. Each lesson is designed to be a positive experience for the student not a chore to be endured.

  • Educational Excellence: We take education seriously. Each instructor is passionate about passing on their love of music to their students. Our methods and techniques have proven effective through years of experience and innovation. We want to see you succeed.

  • Performance Opportunities: Playing for public audiences is important for a musician’s development. We offer two free public recital opportunities for our students. (Christmas and Spring) Additionally, we have a composition festival in the summer for those who want to submit and perform an original composition.