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Summer Flex Lessons


Summer Lessons couldn't be easier!


Choose how many lessons you want and when you want them!

PMA is a year-round school, but for your convenience we switch to flex scheduling during the Summer.  You decide how many lessons you'd like and when you'd like to have them. 


How it works:

  1. Choose a Summer Lesson Plan that fits your needs.  Flex Lesson Sign Up

  2. Book the lesson days/times that work for you with our Online Scheduler


FAQ's and Details

  • How do I sign up? Use the Flex Lesson Sign Up link above to choose your plan.

  • How do I book the lessons? Use the link to the online scheduler above. You will be able to choose the specific days and times for your lessons.

  • How much are the lesson packages?  See the Online Form for the rates.

  • How is payment handled?  There is a one time payment covering the entire Summer charged to your account on file June 1.  Large Plans or Multiple plans can be split into two equal payments (June 1 and July 1)

  • How do I take extra lessons? You are welcome to add more lessons to your plan as the Summer proceeds.  If you'd like to schedule more than 10 lessons, please email us with your request, and we will craft a discounted package to suit your needs.

  • What if we're gone most of the Summer?  You can take as few as 4 lessons and schedule them during the weeks you are available, even have them all on the same week. You may also do online lessons from anywhere in the world!

  • What if we want to take the Summer off?  We hope you will consider lessons during the Summer to maintain your student's skills as well as have priority scheduling for the Fall. If you take the Summer off, you will lose your spot with your teacher and be on a waiting list for Fall lessons.  To stop lessons, please fill out our DisEnrollment form by May 20th.

  • When is the deadline?  Please choose a plan by May 20th.  

  • When do Fall Lessons Resume? Regular weekly lessons resume the week of August 29th.





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