Summer Flex Lessons


PMA is a year-round music school with lessons continuing through the Summer months.  For your convenience we switch to customized lesson packages for June - August to make it easy for you to schedule lessons around your summer plans.  


Here's how it works:


1. Build your Package

2. Schedule your Lessons


Once you've chosen your customized lesson package, use our easy online scheduler app, Schedulista to book your lessons.



3. Pay Tuition


Your tuition for summer lessons will be auto drafted from your account on file. 




FOR NEW STUDENTS:  If you are brand new to our music academy, then please register HERE so we have your basic info.  Thanks!


The Importance of Summer Lessons


Summer is a time to relax, take time off and have fun!  So why take music lessons? 


  1. Spending time on your instrument keeps skills fresh. Students who take the summer off usually have a lot of catch-up work to do before moving on in their studies.

  2. Teachers will keep summer lessons relaxed but purposeful. Summer is a great time to review favorite songs and learn some more!

  3. You keep your spot and priority placement for Fall lessons. The highest demand for lessons is during the month of August. If you take the Summer off, it is likely you will end up on a waitlist, and you may not get a spot with your favorite teacher. Taking summer lessons ensures you will get priority placement with your instructor.

  4. We make it easy!  Schedule lessons when you want them with our online scheduler app.


Summer Lessons FAQ’s


What if we'd like to take the Summer off?   This means dis-enrolling from PMA. Please fill out our disenrollment form before June 1st to stop taking lessons for the Summer.  You will lose your spot with your teacher and most likely be wait-listed for Fall placement.  We encourage you to at least choose the 6 lesson plan to stay enrolled.  You can take more than one lesson a week to squeeze them in.


Can I split a plan between two students?  Please build a plan for each student in your family. 


Are Summer Lessons more expensive? Our customized summer lesson packages allow you more control over the cost. The value per lesson will vary with the package that you build. Packages of 12 lessons have the best value.


What if I don't know my Summer Schedule Yet? You can still build your package and schedule lessons oncel you know your availability. You can also schedule now and and adjust lesson times later - so long as you do so 24 hrs. before the lesson. 


Can I change my lesson times later?  Yes, Schedulista allows you to cancel a lesson with 24 hours notice and reschedule it for another time.


Can I switch between in-person and online lessons?  You can switch from in-person to online lessons, but not from online to in-person without requesting a change to your package.

What if I don’t use all my Summer Lessons?  It is important to proactively schedule your lessons so that you receive them all before August 24th. Any unused lessons will be lost and will not be credited or transferred to the Fall.