Providence Music Academy Policies

Tuition includes all costs associated with private lessons including weekly lessons, curriculum, recitals, flexible reschedules, online resources, and administrative costs.  There will be no additional charges associated with lessons except for any purchases our academy may make on your behalf such as instruments or instrument accessories.  Tuition is auto-charged on the 1st of the month the same amount each month.  This amount is an average of all charges over the span of the school year (Sept - May).  


In Home Lessons

30 minutes: ​$220/month

45 minutes: $310/month

60 minutes: $400/month


Online Lessons / Studio Lessons

30 minutes: $160/month

45 minutes: $220/month

60 minutes: $290/month


Cancelling/Rescheduling Lessons 

  • You can cancel a lesson by contacting your teacher directly or by logging into the customer portal to cancel the lesson online.

  • Lessons cancelled with less than a day's notice are not eligible for reschedule.

  • Lessons cancelled with more than a day's notice will be a 'lesson credit' and can be made up at a different day/time within 60 days of the original lesson.   You can use the customer portal to book a make up lesson or contact your instructor for availability.

  • We do not refund student-canceled lessons.

  • If your teacher gives you more that a day's notice you will be given a 'lesson credit' and your teacher will have up to 60 days to arrange a make up lesson.  If your teacher cancels with short notice or a make up lesson cannot be arranged you will be refunded the teacher-cancelled lesson.

Changing Lesson Times- If you need to permanently change a student’s lesson time, please speak with your instructor or our office as soon as you know about the conflict.  We will make every reasonable effort to find you a new lesson time with the same teacher.  In the event that your instructor cannot accommodate your new availability, a different instructor will be assigned to you.  Missed lessons will NOT be refunded and are subject to our normal cancellation policy.


Guardian Presence- It is important that a parent or guardian be present in the home during in-home lessons. Our teachers are not meant to be guardians responsible for the safety and well-being of your home and child. If the guardian must leave for any reason, please check with your instructor first.


Discontinuing Lessons- PMA is an open-enrollment, year-round academy. We do not require contracts or time commitments. To discontinue lessons, fill our our disenrollment form not later than the 20th of the month and your student will be disenrolled from our academy at the end of the current month.  No refunds are given for quitting mid-month. ​ If a student must discontinue lessons due to injury or leave, it will be considered a discontinuation.  Or you may continue to pay normal tuition rates to hold your spot.  Otherwise you must re-enroll when ready to resume lessons.

Summertime:  We are a year-round music school and offer convenient flex lesson packages that allow you to schedule lessons around your summer plans.  Students who take summer lessons have priority placement for the Fall.  Sign Ups for Summer lessons are available during the Spring on our Home Page.