Providence Music Academy Policies

Here is how lessons with PMA work.  Please familiarize yourself with the following policies.


  • Online Portal:  We offer an online portal that allows you to check your schedule, payment info/history, attendance, news, policies, calendar and more.  Login HERE  Use the email and password you set up when registering. 

  • Full Service:  Your instructor will bring to your lesson any materials your student will need for the lesson or arrange to have the items mailed to your address. These items are included in your monthly tuition rate.  Should a student need any other accessories, we will gladly make arrangements to acquire them for you.

  • Tuition:  We follow a monthly subscription model, charging a flat monthly rate that includes all costs associated with lessons including books, learning resources, recitals, and admin charges.  These costs are averaged over the school year to arrive at a rate that remains the same each month regardless of the number of lessons in a particular month.  Login to the portal to see your current rate and billing history.

  • Payments:  All students must have a payment method on file.  You can update your payment method by logging in to the online portal,  clicking on your profile name and selecting 'Add Card or Bank Account.'  We accept all major credit cards, bank accounts, and our billing is PCI compliant.  Your payment method is auto billed on the 1st of the month for each month in advance.  

  • Family Discount:  In-Home families will receive a 5% discount off of the total monthly charge for two or more students.  Discount does not apply to Online or In-Studio Lessons.

  • Scheduling:  Your lesson time is reserved just for you and will be on the same day and time each week.  If you need to change your lesson time or cancel a lesson, please contact your instructor directly.

  • Student Cancellation:  Please contact your instructor if a student cannot make a lesson.  If you give 24 hours notice, you are given a make up 'credit' that allows you to reschedule the lesson with your instructor anytime within 90 days.  Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice cannot be made up.  There is no limit to make up credits, but they must be used within 90 days.  Please make reschedule arrangements directly with your instructor.  Reschedules can be completed in person or online. Student cancelled lessons are not refunded.

  • Instructor Cancellation:  If an instructor cancels a lesson, they may try to arrange a reschedule.  If a reschedule cannot be arranged, you will receive a refund for the missed lesson applied to your next monthly statement. The only exception to this is a Covid cancellation; please see below.

  • Holidays:  See our Academy Calendar to see the holidays we observe.  Lessons that fall on a Monday holiday can be rescheduled on request, but they are not refunded.

  • Guardian Presence- It is important that a parent or guardian be present in the home during in-home lessons. Our teachers are not meant to be guardians responsible for the safety and well-being of your home and child. If the guardian must leave for any reason, please check with your instructor first.

  • Recitals: We offer a variety of in-person and virtual performance opportunities throughout the school year.  We highly encourage students to participate in as many as possible.  See our Academy Calendar for Recital Dates.

  • Stopping Lessons: When the time comes that you would like to stop taking lessons, please fill out our Disenrollment Form before the 20th of the month to stop that same month.  

  • Calendar and Events: Find our event and holiday calendar in the Portal under "News" or view on our website:  Academy Calendar   

  • COVID policy:  Our instructors will defer to your preference regarding masks in your home.  Should an instructor exhibit symptoms or test positive for Covid, they will temporarily move their lessons to an online format until they are better or test negative for the virus.  If your family needs to quarantine, your instructor will temporarily switch to online lessons or reschedule your lessons for after your quarantine.  We do NOT refund lessons because of Covid for either student or instructor.  If you choose to opt out of online lessons, you will be given a make up credit that allows you to make up the lesson within 90 days.

  • Year Round Enrollment.  We are a year round music academy and you remain enrolled until you let us know you would like to stop.  You do not need to re enroll for Spring, Summer, or Fall.

  • Summer Flex Lessons: For the Summer months (June - August) we switch to convenient Flex Lessons.  You will be asked to choose a package of lessons and schedule them around your summer plans.  If you choose not to take lesson during the summer you must give notice by the 20th of May.

  • Questions or Concerns:  If you have any questions, concerns, or your lessons are not going the way you think they should, please reach out to me! I am happy to help.  My cell is: 214-226-6023


Roger Vermeulen

Director - PMA