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Get the Most from Music Lessons

Simple things you can do to maximize your family's music lessons


Music lessons are an important investment in your child's development. As a full-service music academy, we do everything we can to make lessons easy and hassle-free. We are often asked by parents, what can they do to help their child succeed in music? 

Here are some tips that can make a big difference.

Incorporate practice in their daily routine. 

Most students have a daily routine after school. Adding just 10 minutes of practice to their daily to-do lists will see huge benefits.

Have a dedicated space for music making. 

It's tough for a student to practice when books and instruments are put away or hard to find.  A small dedicated space where everything is readily-available removes one of the hassle-factors of practicing.

Have your child show you what they're learning. 

Most students will love to show you what they're learning. If they know you're interested and want to celebrate their achievements, they're likely to practice more.

Speak openly with your instructor about goals or expectations.

Let your instructor know about your goals for your child's music education. This will help them tailor their instruction. Please be available at the end of each lesson to get updates from your instructor. Great communication will keep everyone on the same page.

Have your student get ready for the lesson 5 minutes before it starts. 

Lessons begin the moment your instructor arrives. Being ready to start on-time will maximize lesson-time. 

Create opportunities for your child to perform. 

Nothing motivates practice more than an upcoming performance. It is one of the primary reasons we have recitals. Some families have enjoyed hosting informal concerts for grandparents or signing their student up for talent shows at school. Older students may wish to apply their skills in their church's youth group worship team.

Expose your children to good music. 

Our experience shows that students that regularly listen to great music are better musicians. Their brain seems to develop and understand how music should work and sound. Have music playing in the car or in the house, or take them to concerts. It doesn't necessarily have to be classical music. But helping kids move beyond video game music, rap, techno, and top 40 pop will pay off huge in their musical development.


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